Hi thanks for visiting our web site. . We are a small family run business but have a

large inventory of parts for truck & car to help you in your truck or car restoration needs.

We have been selling parts for over 25 years.Which brings lots of experience in the parts

business.We have owned & restored many of the cars & trucks that we sell parts for.

So we can help you with tech. questions you might have also.

We do more than just sell parts. Our customers are vary important to us.

You're not just a number.Your part of our Chevy truck & car restoration family.

We will do are best to supply quality parts at a fair price.

So you are welcome to take a look around. We hope you enjoy your visit and we hope

we can help you in the future with your Truck or Car Restoration Needs.

                                                                                               Thanks   Bob , Marty and  Jeff            

P.S.   We always like to hear from our Customers & Chevy Enthusiast.

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